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I have suffered from C-PTSI for many decades from ritualistic abuse as a child to recurrent parental, family, friend and romantic interpersonal relationship abuse. I am also a clinician/practitioner in the alternative medicine field and have dealt with such an increasing number of patients over decades with their decades of multi-faceted abuse and I have also observed in the last 30 years a significant rise in both toxic abusive/narcissistic behavior and enablers to an extreme.

I know I shouldn't be shocked by this but suffering through your own abuse and vicarious traumatization from absorbing the pain and distress from the desire to listen and help others, I have never seen such a victimhood society and those that defend it. Enabling has become a scourge of epic proportions. And you become exhausted trying to maintain a high level of empathy, care, love, understanding and assertiveness in the face of such a toxic societal environment.

Your article is exact in its observations and I feel and perceive just as you do these major ethical, moral and spiritual issues but I honestly feel that there are more of 'them' than us. There are more abusers, far more narcissistic type individuals, massive self centeredness, greed, usury and legions of enablers defending such behaviors.

I personally have suffered for many years with the pain and grief of watching society disintegrate due to lack of empathy and the determination to want to care. For those that want to love and support and nurture others this society can induce physical heartbreak. I don't see things changing even though I know they would need to.

Enablers are just secondary abusers and this has infiltrated the fields of psychiatry and psychology to the extreme. I almost cannot even fathom how people keep defending others abusive behaviors because they had a terrible upbringing. But thank you for being another light in the wilderness as isolation seems one of the few ways to protect oneself from so much of this. Unfortunate but true.

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Thank you so much for your comment. I completely agree with what you have written so much so that I’m taking time out myself to really consider how I can best use my knowledge, skills and wisdom to create that better environment. I say myself often that I’ve never known the levels of toxicity that abound today and victimisation of humanity very much is a key part of that. Thank you again as I appreciate everything you have said.

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