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Empowering Birth: Creating a Household of Love and Kindness
Empowering Birth: Creating a Household of Love and Kindness
Season Three, Episode Three

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Get ready for an enlightening and heartfelt episode of the Unbroken Podcast! We're diving deep into the world of childbirth, empathy, and the power of love. Dr. Rachel Taylor chats candidly with Ninette, a devoted midwife, about nurturing mothers during childbirth.

You'll discover the significance of nurturing environments and why trust and empathy are the secret ingredients to a positive birthing experience. We'll also shine a light on how medicalisation has impacted childbirth, eroding trust in women's instincts. Spoiler: oxytocin, the "hormone of love," plays a big role.

But it's not all smooth sailing. Traumatic childbirth experiences have a lasting impact on mothers and babies. This episode is packed with insights on why empathy, kindness, and genuine care are absolute game-changers in the birthing room.

"Women actually sadly don't realise that they have control over their own bodies. And I think because birth has become so medicalised in hospital, money comes into it and it's become a business even for the NHS." - Ninette, Midwife

Ready to Make a Change?

Join us as we call for a shift away from medicalisation and toward trust in women's instincts and bodies. Encourage expectant mothers to seek nurturing environments and healthcare providers who prioritise empathy. Let's spread the word about the importance of emotional support and kindness during childbirth. It's time to advocate for holistic and empowering birthing experiences. Together, we can empower women, create positive environments, and redefine the way we welcome new life into this world.

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